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tirsdag den 3. januar 2012

Absolute Nails (Douglas) Sara 07 + Essie As gold as it gets, swatches and review – anmeldelse


Layered with Essie Luxeffects As gold as it gets
Dansk, se længere nede.
Absolute Nails polishes are exclusively made for and sold in the Perfume shop chain called Douglas. Sara is a dupe for Chanel Pearl Drop, and it’s mother of pearl white with a solid golden hue.
This is 3 coats over a base coat, no top coat. It’s easy to apply and it dries quickly, I didn’t use a top coat for these photos.
I changed all photos except the layering photo mid February 2012.

Absolute Nails lakkerne sælges udelukkende i den tyske parfumerikæde Douglas. Sara er udråbt til at være en dublet til Chanel Pearl Drop. Den er perlemorshvid med et gyldent skær.
Dette er 3 lag over base coat, men uden toplak, den er let at lægge og tørrer hurtigt.
I midten af februar skiftede jeg alle fotos (pånær den med Essie på) ud med nye.

4 kommentarer:

  1. The color is very subtile and elegant,I have something similar from Carlo di Roma,just a bit more on the transparent side:)I love the Essie one:)

  2. Hi Mimi. I was a bit torn in regards to the golden hue, but I liked it better with the Essie as gold as it gets, it's a nice and discrete topper, that doesn't cry out loud: Watch me, and I like that from time to time...

  3. I like how this shines! It is so good for so many designs! Have you ever tried buffing your nails a little to help with your ridges. I normally don't like scuffing up nails. But it might help so they are not so deep and fill better.

  4. Nail Reflections, yes, I have buffed, and does so from time to time, BUT I have serious ridges, probably both because of old age and medicine. Normally they fill OK (at least for me), but this really ran of the ridges like water, even if I always use a ridge filler base coat.


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