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mandag den 9. januar 2012

Fish - fisk - wildlife animal print, dyreprint

The first is the fish...
Som vil jeg vise fisken...

Dansk, se længere nede.
I used China Glaze Icicle as the base color
, and I layered with Nubar 2010 and ChinaGlaze Snow Globe – the latter had been enough. You can choose any glitter or polish, but the sparkles give you a more vibrant “fish”. I chose the easy way to create the fish scales. I stamped them on with Konad Black using Red Angel plate RA-111 and for the fish skeleton RA-107, but it’s entirely up to you, you can freehand the scales with a tiny brush in the color of your choice (polish or acrylic color). Start of with a row of half-circles, og then you paint the next like you see on the photos.

Jeg brugte China Glaze Icicle som grundfarve, og jeg toppede den med Nubar 2010 og China Glaze Snow Globe – Snow Globe havde været nok. Men du kan vælge lige den glitter eller den og de lakker, du synes er bedst for at give en skinnende ”fisk”. Jeg var doven og stampede fiskeskællene på med Konad Black og jeg brugte Red Angel RA-111 og til skelettet RA-107. Men du kan sagtens selv male skællene med en lille pensel med enten akrylfarve eller neglelak; start med en række halvcirkler, og lav så næste række forskudt i forhold til første.

Before staming - før stamping

7 kommentarer:

  1. This is really cool,I love animal print and I am looking forward to see other designs:)

  2. Thanks, Mimi - I'm so happy you liked it, I thought that maybe more would LOL

  3. This is so cute! I love the fish bones!

  4. LOL, yes, I couldn't help myself, Nail Reflections, I was so hungry ;)

  5. awesome color combo, love the stamping design... just one great looking manicure :-D

  6. Thanks, nail crazy, I likes it very much too. And the great thing is, that you can change it to be whatever fish you want :)

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