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mandag den 16. januar 2012

Leopard, natural colors, wildlife animal print - dyreprint

Dansk, se længere nede.
This is two coats of Playa Del Platinum, and as I wrote previously in the swatch description, the true color was extremely hard for me to capture on photo’s, actually I do not really feel I did. On these photos it seems to be more cold and grey, than it actually is, sorry about that.
IRL it is pretty close to the base color of the leopard, and when it was dry I used a dotting tool to create the light brown spots with H&M Nerd, and when dry, I used a fine brush and black acrylic color for the outlining of the spots. I added Seche Vite Top coat.
Finally before removing it, I mattified it with Essie matte About you - which version do you like the best?
Dette er to lag Playa Del Platinum, og som jeg skrev tidligere i swatch beskrivelsen, havde jeg besvær med at fange den rigtige farve på foto, og føler ikke helt, jeg gjorde det heller. På disse billeder virker den mere kold og grå, end den er i virkeligheden, jeg beklager.
I virkeligheden er den faktisk meget tæt på leopardens grundfarve, og da lakken var tør brugte jeg et dotting tool til at lave pletterne med H&M Nerd. Da pletterne var tørre brugte jeg en fin pensel og sort akrylfarve til at kante pletterne med. Jeg brugte Seche Vite som top coat.
Inden jeg fjernede designet igen, prøvede jeg hvordan det ville se ud med mat toplak, Essie matte About you. Hvilken version synes du bedst om?

9 kommentarer:

  1. I love this! The matte look great with it too!

  2. Very nice one,I love that base color you used,its just great:)

  3. this is really pretty, I like the matted version a lot

  4. Thank you all you lovely ladies and/or girls :) I think I like the matte best in this case too :) and if you are wondering about the only 3 finger thing, I accidentally put a base coat on the index in stead of the matte LOL - that was before my new glasses, and now I cannot see anything more - niiiice :) (not) LOL

  5. Very very nice!!! I guess the matte version brings this closer to the actual animal fur than a shiny finish ;)

  6. Thanks, Christina :) - and thank you for your email, I replied :)

  7. This one is the best, made by your hands! :-) And I like the base colour very much!


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