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lørdag den 21. januar 2012

China Glaze Haute Metal Crackle Glaze over 20 colors – swatches + review from the vault

Found at  the bottom of the vault - fundet på bunden af lageret...
China Glaze Haute Metal on color/farve #: 1 China Glaze (CG) White on White, 2 OPI I Break for Manicures, 3 CG Below Deck, 4 CG Awaken, 5 CG Midnight Kiss, 6 Misa Teddy Bear, 7 CG Senorita Bonita, 8 OPI Planks A Lot, 9 CG Cross Iron, 10 CG For Audrey, 11 CG Secret Periwinkle, 12 Maybelline Green Beetle, 13 CH Westside Warrior, 14 OPI Jade is the new Green, 15 Nubar Reclaim, 16 CG Little Drummer Boy, 17 OPI Be A Dahlia Won’t You?, 18 CG Eyes Like Sapphires, 19 Orly Goth, 20 CG Peace On Earth.
Easy to apply, crackles well, well pigmented - you can see it in a mani HERE
- check in later today for another post...
Let at påføre, krakelerer godt, vel pigmenteret - du kan se den i brug HER
- kig ind igen senere i dag for at se endnu et indlæg.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Hvor køber du dine China Glaze neglelakke? (:

  2. So nice,love these effects,I am waiting for my crakles to arrive I think I got one similar to this and cant wait to try it out:)

  3. Awesome swatches! This crackle I have much less like out them. Some seem to clash or blend to much for me!

  4. Katrine, jeg er så heldig at jeg kan købe dem i Thisted, men jeg køber rigtigt mange forskellige steder i USA samt på Ebay...

    Christina, Mimi, Nail Reflections - oh, thank you - I almost decided not to post these, but thought I might sneak them in between "real" posts - so I'm glad you liked them :)


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