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mandag den 23. januar 2012

A-England - my first 5 colors

Last week I got my first 5 a-England polishes, they are not going to be the last.
So far I only swatched them on my swatch sticks.The firsthand impression is very promising, it's a very nice formula to work with, some are practically one-coater's - and look at the colors!
I look forward to trying them, and I'll of course show them on the blog.
The only regret I have is, that I didn't buy Perceval!!
I sidste uge ankom mine første 5 a-England neglelakker, og de bliver ikke de sidste.
Ind til videre har jeg kun prøvet dem på mine swatch pinde. Førstehåndsindtrykket er særdeles lovende, det er dejlige lakker at påføre, de er stort set alle et-lags - og se bare de farver!
Jeg glæder mig til at afprøve dem rigtigt, skal nok vise dem på boggen!
Det eneste jeg fortryder er, at jeg ikke købte Perceval, når jeg nu var ved det!
Galahad is a gorgeous teal, actually more a petrol blue - er en smuk teal farve, faktisk mere en petrol blå...

Calmelot is a very pigmentet black, an one-coater I believe - black, black - det er en meget velpigmenteret sort, jeg tror man kan nøjes med et lag.

Lady of the Lake is a subdued holographic purple, but very, very nice. Det er en ikke voldsomt stærk holografisk lilla, men meget, meget smuk.

Avalon, where have you been all my life, you are so amazing!! - Avalon, hvor har du været hele mit liv, du er fantastisk!!

Guinevere, a dusty, greyish lavender/mauve, not overpowering and very stylish - det er en støvet, grålig lavendel/mauve farve, ikke dominerende, og meget elegant.

Do you like them, and do you own any of them?  Kan du li' dem - og har du nogen af dem selv?

12 kommentarer:

  1. uha Lady of the Lake er flot flot flot og jeg kan også rigtig godt lide Galahad

  2. I dont have any polish by this brand but I have some similar colors.Lad of the lake looks amazing so pretty:)

  3. Kat, yeps, de er flotte begge to :) - Lady of the Lake har dog ikke en stærk holovirkning, den er meget diskret.

    Mimi, Lady of the Lake is very pretty, not as strong in the holographic effect, but nice indeed.

  4. I like Galahad the most, so so pretty!! =)

  5. They are all so pretty I want Lady of the lake ... And others :-P

  6. I own a few of these and LOVE them; noticed they took a little bit longer to dry than some polishes but it's worth being careful, they all have such a beautiful finish to them.

  7. ScarsLikeLace, thanks, and yes Galahad is pretty, and even more pretty IRL, it's one of those colors, that are hard to capture...

    Polish AMOR, thanks, the good thing is that you actually can buy one at the time if you want, they have free worldwide shipping...

    Nail Nerd, thanks - and I'm in the process of swatching them and use them as base for some kind of nail art, and you are right, they not not dry very quickly. At first I thought it might be the combination with my base coat, but I have tried with others and experienced the same drying time - but with Seeche Vite, it's no problem at all, because of the colors. I can't get over how pretty they are :)

    To all: I have the next two weeks planned on the blog, and among that something just as crazy as my Christmas story told on nails, I cannot wait to show you LOL. So depending on what happens in the next 2 weeks in regards to new spring colors arriving at my doorstep, I'll shortly after that show you real swatches and nail art on the A-England's :)

  8. love them all, but i don't have any of it :-(

    1. Well now, there is a solution for that ;)
      You can buy one at the time if you want, A-England have free worldwide shipping...

  9. I love them all! I don't have any thou! I want avalon!

    1. LOL, you ar nOT going to get it from me, I love it LOL

  10. From this a-england collection the first one I bought was Tristam, I simply fell in love with it, it was a love at first sight :-)
    Lady of the Lake reminds me of Tristam, but it goes to dark purple and Tristam is dark blue..
    Now I'm waiting for Guinevere from the same collection and Bridal Veil from the collection The Legend, I can't wait to see them! :-)


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