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onsdag den 15. juni 2016

By K Boudoir Nights, Naked Mornings and Sunset Chill swatches

As promised yesterday, I’m today showing the 3 polishes from the By K Sweet Sixteen Summer ’16 collection: No. 92 Budoir Nights, No. 93 Naked Mornings and No. 94 Sunset Chill.
You find the Danish brand By K HERE - choose language at the top right corner, but to see the shop you need to choose Dansk (Danish).

All the below swatches are shown with the By K No. 990 Base Coat Therapy Strengthener and the By K No. 991 High Gloss Top Coat, and the formula is easy to work with.

Boudoir Nights:
By K No. 92 Boudoir Nights is a gorgeous, dark and super deep aubergine purple with a wonderful magenta-pink, purple and blue shimmer and tiny silvery glass flecks, wooow!!! It’s so gorgeous and vampy, and it reminds me really much of the slightly darker Chanel Taboo. For normal nails two coats is enough, but because of my ridges I went for three for these swatches.

Naked Mornings:
By K No. 93 Naked Mornings is a straight forward nude, and I don’t think I ever have come across a one-coater nude, have you? But this is! I did however apply two coats because of my ridges. It has a very good self-leveling ability. Nudes are not my thing, but it goes well enough with my skin tone.

Sunset Chill:
By K Sunset Chill is a bright, happy, juicy and summery orange! For normal nails two coats is enough, but because of my ridges I went for three for these swatches.

What do you think of these three allergy certified, cruelty free and vegan polishes?
I’m so predictable, I know, but the purple Boudoir Nights is so amazing, but Sunset Chill puts a smile to my face!

You can get them from By K, shipping to Denmark and other countries on request, but also from EdgyPolish (in the store any day now) with International shipping.

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22 kommentarer:

  1. Boudoir Nights look amazing! Like the orange too, but that nude just isn't my thing.

  2. Boudoir Nights and Sunset Chili looks amazing! And Naked Mornings is a great neutral.

  3. Lindas cores! Adorei o 92 bourdoi nights!


  4. I like the orange one the best :)

  5. The purple one is the best for me too, I'm a purple addict! ;)

  6. The nude one is not really my kind of nude, find it hard to match with any skintone. But that first one... What a gorgeous one!

  7. Compared to the first lot, these pale somewhat in glitz, but all three look like they would be excellent foundations for some lovely stamping. Especially the nude one.

    1. Yes, they are all great as a base for nail art!

  8. You might be predictable but I totally agree with you ;)

  9. I love those bottles and they three are beautiful in their own way! I like them all! <3

    1. Yes, I think you are right - I'm happy to hear it!

  10. the first one is so beautifully misterious

  11. That dark purple/aubergine thingy - awesome! :)

    Love, Lotte


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