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tirsdag den 14. juni 2016

By K Liquid Air, Liquid Sand and Liquid Light swatches

I was very excited when Karina from the Danish brand By K contacted me and asked, if I wanted to swatch her two new collections – so I did not hesitate to say yes, please.
When you go to the website, you can choose language at the top right corner, but to see the shop you need to choose Dansk (Danish).
Did you know that By K is the only allergy certified polish in the world, you can read all about it on the webpage. They also are cruelty free and vegan!

Today I’m showing the 3 polishes from the By K Limited Edition Holographic Summer ’16 collection: No. 95 (L) Liquid Air, No. 96 (L) Liquid Sand and No. 97 (L) Liquid Light.
All the below swatches are shown with the By K No. 990 Base Coat Therapy Strengthener and the By K No. 991 High Gloss Top Coat.

The formula is easy to work with and their effect is really lovely in the sun, but also visible in indoor light settings!

Liquid Air:
By K No. 95 (L) Liquid Air is an elegant silvery light grey. It is rather opaque in one coat, but this is two.

Liquid Sand:
By K No. 96 (L) Liquid Sand is a coppery, light brown – with a truly liquid feel to it. Normally it's not a color for me, but I liked it with my skin tone. It was opaque in one coat, but this is two!

Liquid Light:
By K No. 97 (L) Liquid Light is a silvery dusty taupe leaning purple – or maybe a silvery dusty purple leaning taupe. It was opaque in one coat, but it’s shown in two.
What do you think of these three allergy certified, cruelty free and vegan holo polishes?
Much to my own surprise I fell for the work-friendly light brown Liquid Sand, normally not at all my kind of color!
They were really lovely to work with and the finish in all of them had that “liquid” feel to them, interesting to look at in all light settings.

You can get them from By K, shipping to Denmark and other countries on request, but also from Edgy Polish (in the store any day now) with International shipping.

Tomorrow I have the By K Sweet Sixteen Summer ’16 collection for you: No. 92 Budoir Nights, No. 93 Naked Mornings and No. 94 Sunset Chill.

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21 kommentarer:

  1. I love Liquid Air, but not to keen on the others though.

  2. Haha, they should contact me, the allergic to nail polish with a often a runny nose and watery eyes while and after painting :D
    Anyway, I like the holos, especially the first and last one.

    1. They should - or you should try to buy some ;)
      I'm glad you like them!

  3. Lucky you to get a chance like that!!! I love all three, with a slight preference for the brown one as that is pretty unique but it's just a teeny tiny preference as the light grey and the purple one are absolutely gorgeous!

    1. Yes, I am such a lucky girl :)
      Yes, much to my own surprise I fell in love with the brown!

  4. Just beautiful! :)

    Love Lotte

  5. Nossa, como são lindos!
    Quero todos.

    blog Usei Hoje

    1. They really are - I'm happy you like them!

  6. These are not my colours either, but it's nice to try a new brand once in a while :)

  7. They are very charming. I like Liquid Light best. It is such a soft and feminine shade, yet looks a bit edgy.

  8. My favourite is Liquid Light, but I really like all of them, they are all beautiful! :-)

  9. You made an urge on me. Now I really - like REALLY - need it. Perhaps not the copper/brown one but surely the silver one... and the purple/taupe one *_*


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