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tirsdag den 21. juni 2016

By K Broken at 100, Go-Around and Bravo-Yankie-Kilo swatches

Today I have the air flight inspired By K High Summer collection: By K No. 86 Broken at 100, No. 87 Go-Around and No. 91 Bravo-Yankie-Kilo.
Go to By K - choose language at the top right corner, but to see the shop you need to choose Dansk (Danish).

All the below swatches are shown with the By K Base Coat Therapy Strengthener and the By K High Gloss Top Coat, and the formula is easy to work with.

Broken at 100
By K No. 86 Broken at 100 is named after the height where the airplane breaks through the clouds. It’s a turquoise leaning blue metallic. It is fairly opaque in one coat, but prone to brush strokes, so I chose to sponge on the last of the two coats.

Go Around
By K No. 87 Go-Around is named after the abrupted landing of an aircraft, a fairly common and harmless maneuver. It is a gorgeous coppery-rusty red metallic with a beautiful shimmer, oh, I love it! It was actually opaque in one coat, but this is two.

By K No. 88 Bravo-Yankie-Kilo means By K in the phonetic alphabet. It is a really beautiful one coater gold foil/metallic, and I like the cool shade of gold. One coater as mentioned, but I’m showing it in two easy coats.

What do you think of these three allergy certified, cruelty free and vegan polishes?
My favorite is Go Around, it's so gorgeous!
You can get them from By K, shipping to Denmark and other countries on request, but also from EdgyPolish - International shipping.

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10 kommentarer:

  1. Super Gorgeous shades! Looks too beautiful on your nails! <3

  2. Again, it's not so much my finish, but the colors are great! :)

    Love, Lotte

    1. Oh, the coppery one is sooo nice - and the finish is perfect :D

  3. The orange one is gorgeous!

  4. I also think the orange is pretty :)

  5. Metallic nail polishes don't look nice on my nails, unfortunately they show every imperfection... :-( Here I like the golden one! :-)

    1. Yes, tell me about it - just wait until you (hopefully never) get ridges like I have...


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