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søndag den 5. juni 2016

The Never Ending Haul Story Part 60 - nail mail May

I got terribly many polishes in April - so how about May?
Or will my new passion for stamping steal the picture shopping-wise..?
Take a guess before you scroll down :D

May 2
My first things from Daschica Beautyshop - one of their stamping polishes, 3 of their Infinity plates (and OMG I love them) - and their Jumbo (4 cm) clear Jelly stampers, and woow, that is going to be a favorite alongside my MoYou London sticky stamper!!!

May 3
A Mini Uber Mat in black from ÜberChic Beauty!

May 4
My first nail mail from Nailland in Hungary, and my first Moyra plates and 3 Munda de Unos stamping polishes, and gosh, they stink, but I knw that before I bought them. Had to try for myself tho :D

From Ebay: Born Pretty Store plates and a jumbo clear jelly stamper - exactly the same as the one I bought fron Rainbow Connection and by the looks of it also the same as the new Picture polish one - but at only a fraction of the price ;)

Wonderful stamping nail mail from Pretty Polish - more Bundle Monster plates, the new Mochi stamper and an extra plate holder for small plates. I also got new MoYou plates, an extra Marshmallow sticky stamper + the non-sticky Marshmallow and the Black Knight stamping polish!

May 6
Of course I also needed a plate holder for my Moyra plates, and I found it from Cosette Nail Shop, and two more plates jumped into the chart ;)

May 10
The wonderful new acrylic stamping plates from Cici & Sisi arrived, OMG so beautiful and the pick ups from them are sooo crisp and clean!
I'm definitely buying more, if/when they release new ones!

May 11
I bought the first of the MoYou London Weekly Mani boxes + two extra plates and a bundle of scrapers as I "needed" the one with the pug <3

Nail The Mail had a sale in connection with Mothers Day, so I shopped a few more polishes...

Wonderful stamping stuff from Marianne Nails, including 7 Marianne Nails stamping plates. OMG just look at those cute sleeves <3
And I can tell you the pick ups from the plates are perfect too!!
The blue marshmallow stamper was a gift, so I was very happy!

May 17:
MoYou London nail mail, 3 of the new Asia plates, two regular nail polishes and two stamping polishes + the new large plate holder.

Beautiful plates from Chez Delaney!

May 18:
Nail mail from Rainbow Connection including my first Hit The Bottle stamping polishes, I love them already <3

Three Born Pretty Store plates bought on Ebay.

May 20:
My Chaos & Crocodiles seemed to be lost in transis, but then suddenly the tracking updated, and they were in Israel - go figure :D
But finally they arrived here, happy to be out of the box :)

I am SO sad that Maria from Purrfect Pawlish decided to close the shop - IMO she made very unique and wonderful polishes...
I bought some in her sale, and she added a lot more to my order, stamper, decals, and much more - thank you so much Maria!

And yet another wonderful nail mail from Hypnotic Polish - soooo many goodies, stamping polishes and plates, regular nail polish including magentic ones from Masura and Bow Polish <3

May 21
5 more Infinity Nails plates from Daschica Beautyshop!

May 23:
Beautiful polishes from Ms Sparkle Polish!

May 24:
I have been in doubt - should I should I not continue collecting Chanel, I hate the new bottle look without the name on the front - but at least I felt like I needed to try out the new formula, so I caved and bought these two...

May 25:
Six wonderful Emily de Molly polishes from Mei Mei Signatures!!

May 27:
The third of the Weekly Mani Boxes from MoYou Nails...

A no name acrylic plate with stamper and scraper from Ebay, it works well, but of course you cannot use a metallic scraper for it, it's silly to send one of those...

May 28
Even more stamping plates from Marianne Nails!!!

Four of the five new Picture Polishes (+ one I have been "to buy or not to buy" about from Pretty Polish!

May 31
Two Born Pretty Store plates bought from Ebay.

Quite frankly I really, really, really feel this month was tooooo much on the stamping side, all in all I got:
37 stamping polishes, 43 regular polishes and 78 stamping plates...

But it's me in a nutshell: When I have a passion - I have it 100% and then some, and being as old as I am, I feel like: "It's now or never, and you need to try out a lot of plates, polishes, brands etc. and figure out what works best for you".
Next month I'll buy less stamping plates, and at the moment there are a bunch heading my way from different directions all bought in May...
There will be quite a few stamping polishes tho - I need to figure out what brands work the best for me, so at some point I will sell the surplus ;)

Will The Never Ending Haul Story continue?
Will Maria actually buy more polish??
Does she ever get enough - HAS she gotten enough???
Are you confused - you won't be after the next episode, IF there is going to be one....

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20 kommentarer:

  1. Wow, that's an amazing lot of stamping gear! :D
    Too bad that Purrfect Pawlish shut, I never even got around to buy anything from there :/

    1. It sure is LOL
      And yes, I'm sooo sad she closed - she made some seriously gorgeous polishes...

  2. I'm seriously jealous of all those amazing stamping plates and polishes!

    1. Aww, there really are many, I admit it....

    2. Me too :D I see many I'll never try out as my PayPal went crazy :P

    3. Hahaha my Paypal went crazy too :D

  3. Wow! Love all the stamping plates!

    1. They really are beautiful - so I'm so happy to hear it!

  4. Oh, wow, 78 stamping plates in May. That is definitely a passionate collecting. Cici & Sisi acrylic stamping plates look interesting.

    1. Hahaha - or slightly insane :D
      Yes, and I LOVE them, they work so well!

  5. Oh my god! It looks like never ending post! What a biiiiiiggggg haul! *_* *_* *_*

  6. Svar
    1. yes - the least - I seriously need help :D

  7. OMG that's surely a great stamping haul!! :D

  8. O!!! M!!! G!!!
    you're killing me Maria *.*


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