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søndag den 20. november 2016

Lacquester Dragon Heart Holo swatches

Lacquester Dragon Heart Holo is a gorgeous holo version of Dragon Heart – click HERE 
It’s described like this: “A gorgeous purple, partly neon, based polish with bronze/copper/gold/red/fuchsia and green UCC flakies and holographic finish.” And gorgeous it really, really is! You see it in two coats with a coat of Seche Vite.

This is a closeup of the original Dragon Heart without holo...
What do you prefer: The original or holo version?
I love both, but I think I am partial to the original...

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24 kommentarer:

  1. I prefer everything holo. I have got the original one and was not happy when a version 2 came out :D

  2. To be sincere I prefer the original version without holo!

    1. Normally I prefer holo - but this time the original LOL

  3. I like both of them, they're beautiful :)

  4. Both beautiful, absolutely LOVE that color!

  5. Both of them are absolutely gorgeous - I like the holo version a bit more than the original one :-)

  6. This is beautiful, I love both the colour and the glow!

  7. It's beautiful! Love the flakes against the purple, it makes it look really interesting.

  8. Really big loooove! :)

    Love, Lotte

  9. This is really gorgeous :-D I love it :-D

  10. I prefer the holo version, although they're both beautiful :-)

  11. They both are beautiful! Original looks more impressive! <3


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