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lørdag den 20. juni 2015

Chanel Beige Pur 659, Precious Beige 661 and Lovely Beige 663, Les Beiges 2015, Collaboration Saturday

In this Collaboration Saturday together with my friend Elena from PicturedTinsel, I have the Chanel Les Beiges summer 2015 collection, or rather the only 3 released here in Denmark (possibly in Europe). I’ll show the Chanel Beige Rosé 655 that I get from USA when it arrives.
Nudes aren't really for me, but here we go anyhow...!

Beige Pur 659:
Chanel Beige Pur 659 is the lightest of these three, a cream, and it’s actually a perfect match with my skin tone - EVEN IF BLOGGER  seriously messes with my skin color in this post - arrrghhh. Two coats would be enough for normal use, but I added an extra because of my ridges. The finish is beautiful and shiny so I didn’t add a top coat.

Precious Beige 661:
Chanel Precious Beige 661 is a bit darker (also a bit darker than the photos show) and it has a light rose hue and a subtle silver shimmer. It’s not really ideal with my fair skin, but also not terrible. Two coats would be enough for normal use, but I added an extra because of my ridges. The finish is beautiful and shiny so I didn’t add a top coat.

Lovely Beige 663:
Chanel Lovely Beige 663 is a really dark nude cream, it makes me think of chocolate milk. It’s very opaque in one coat, but this is two without a top coat.

Conclusion: Nudes aren’t really me, and I almost gave the entire collection a miss. But I’m such a push-over - and after all it would feel wrong to have all other released collections going back quite a few years except for this one.
If I weren’t a collector I probably wouldn’t have bought any of them, but now that I do have them, I’m quite pleased that I do!
Do you like them - and do you see any favorites...?

NOW, lets see what Elena has for us today!!

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16 kommentarer:

  1. The last one is my favourite, not really my shade but I'd be able to wear it, why not?

    1. Yes, sometimes it's good to go out of ones comfort zone :)

  2. Nudes are nudes but I love them <3
    Pretty shades :) really :)

    1. LOL - you are so right, and yes, I know you do :)

  3. I'm not into nudes either, but I totally understand why you bought them anyway. You're a collector after all!! :)

  4. Of the two I prefer the second one

  5. I'm not a fan of nude polishes either, but I actually like how Lovely Beige looks on you.

  6. Hi dear Maria. Lovely beige is the one I prefer on you! Very pretty and elegant!

  7. They really aren't me either. Lol but at least you have them for your collection :-)

  8. So much beige! :) They are not right up my alley but they are nice.


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