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mandag den 4. juli 2016

Bundle Monster plate holders/organizers & clutches - review

Today I have a review and comparison of all available Bundle Monster stamping plate holders, organizers and clutches, 4 different types.
If you are in Europe they also are available from Pretty Polish!

First my beloved faux leather Bundle Monster clutches for the 6 x 12 cm plates with or without plastic backing.
They come in a steel grey and a cobalt blue with crocodile print.

They have room for 48 plates in the size 6 x 12 cm.
They have 8 pages with 3 slots on each side = 6 slots per page.
They have a 3 snap fold over closure.
They measure approximately 23.3 x 18 cm when closed.
I have 3 of them so far, and I love how sturdy and absolutely lovely they are to use!
The plastic is easy to see through, and I have plates from Bundle Monster, MoYou London, Born Pretty Store, Infinity Nails, Messy mansion and Pueen in them + a number of different brands without plastic backings.

For the smaller plates:
The faux leather peony pink organizer holds 168 plates (yes that IS a lot) in the standard 5.6 cm round or square plate size.
Each page has 6 slots on each side, so that's 12 plates per page, and there are 16 pages.
It has a fold over closure, nice and sturdy!
It is super easy to use in every thinkable way, and it's also very easy to see through the plastic pockets, so you quickly can find, what you are looking for.
It also has a mesh pocket for scrapers, vinyls, stickers or similar...

Another solution for the smaller plates:
Bundle Moster also have an almost identical organizer (168 plates in the standard 5.6 cm round or square plate size) that is closed with a zipper going all the way round, so there is absolutely no risk of plates slipping out of their slots, not matter how you turn it around.
This one is currently only available from Bundle Monster and only in black.

For the smaller collection of 6 x 12 cm plates:
This cute little faux leather hot pink clutch has room for 16 plates in the size 6 x 12 cm with or without plastic backing.
It has 8 pages with each 2 slots and it closes with a snap fold over.
It measures approximately 15 x 10 cm.

As you probably know some brands has a little bigger plastic backing on their plates, and for instance plates from Marianne Nails have both kinds, so I have one with the bigger backing in one slot of each page, and one with the smaller/normal backing on the other side of the page, this way the fit isn't too tight.
I also use it for 6 x 12 plates without plastic backings, I feel they are less prone to fall out of these slots compared to the bigger clutch with the horizontal opening.
Click on photos to enlarge them...

I have absolutely only pros - no cons whatsoever...
I have very many plates, and it would be a nightmare if they weren't organized so that I easily can see what plates I have - and more importantly: find them.
And it really is easy, these Bundle Monster plate holders/clutches open like a book and I can quickly go trough the pages and easily see the patterns because the plastic is both sturdy and easy to see through - unlike many other plate holders I have seen.
And it most certainly doesn't make it less nice to have them organized in beautiful, sturdy and nice to work with clutches/holders like the ones from Bundle Monster - it actually makes stamping more effortless and fun, at least for me, but then again, I am a gear and gadget geek, I know :D
Speaking of which: did you see the review of the MoYou London plate holder? If not it's right HERE!

If you are in Europe the Bundle Monster clutches also are available from Pretty Polish!

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20 kommentarer:

  1. Great post! I'm sure I will get some of the holders for the 6x12 that carries 48 plates. That would be perfect for me.

    1. Thank you so much - yes, I think it is a wonderful plate holder!

  2. Wow, interesting product :)

  3. Those holders are so beautiful! You are having fantastic collection of plate holders! ^_^

    1. Thank you so much - I love them so much!

  4. Great review! I have an entire drawer reserved for plates but I'm very much tempted to take a closer look at these holder (if only to empty up the drawer to store more polishes ;)

    1. Thank you so much - and I think you should, it makes it so much easier to find what you are looking for!

  5. Very useful products for stamping plate collectors. I like all of them!

    1. I'm so pleased to hear it, thanks a lot!

  6. They all look great! For now at least I don't have so many plates but if that changes I will consider getting one of these.

    1. I think you will love it - when the time comes!

  7. Wow these are so elegant! Great for your plates :-D

  8. Definitely very useful... and beautiful :-)

  9. Nice!! I have the first four...and agree that the clutch for the larger plates is my favorite. Speaking of binders...did you find anything that fits the Vivid Lacquer plates by chance? I'm still on the hunt...

    1. It's sooo wonderful LOL
      Yes, Winstonia has one (their plates are the same size) - and each page has room for 2 (4 back to back) 7x8 cm plates plus 1 (2 back to back) 6x12 cm plates.
      Actually you just made me order it along with some Wistonia plates - you are sooo bad for me hahahahaha

    2. OOH!! I'm so happy I asked!! And, of course, I'll need to order some of their plates...been wanting I have my excuse - LOL. We're bad for each other. ;)

    3. Hahaha - yeah, I really am blaming you - but in the nicest way possible :D


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