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mandag den 8. juni 2015

Smitten Polish Elixir, a Hypnotic Polish Store exclusive - swatches

Smitten Polish Elixir is a Hypnotic Polish store exclusive. It’s a dark teal leaning green with micro glitters in silver and holo, and it dries slightly matte with a slightly textured finish. In indoor light you see the micro glitters, but be prepared for a shock when you go into the sun, the holo is strong and vivid. It is very opaque in one coat but this is two without a top coat. I do however show it with top coat on two fingers further down.

- and as promised with top coat..
I think it's pretty with it's "natural" finish, but I do prefer it shiny with the top coat :D
What do you think..?

I (of course) bought it from Hypnotic Polish!

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36 kommentarer:

  1. I was thinking of getting it along with Cherries and Chocolate, but now I'm glad I haven't bought it. It is beautiful and I love that deep colour, but glitter I'm not a big fan of.

  2. This looks amazing and as you said you and I seem to have very similar taste :)

  3. I almost always prefer everything shiny! :D

  4. wow! such a beautie <3

  5. This one is ... Stunning!!! *__*
    With top coat is just perfection, thanks for sharing this!

    1. The top coat really makes it a stunner!

  6. What an amazing polish! Love the sparkliness of it!

  7. Oh yes that one is so stunning!

  8. This is so beautiful! I prefer it shiny, the better to see the sparkles.

  9. Marvelous! I like dark green colors like this one! :D

  10. What a beautiful polish! <3

  11. It's very pretty and I love the sparkles. I think I like both finishes :-D

  12. I totally agree with you - nice finish but better with a top coat :)

  13. It's really amazing with top coat :-)

  14. Neeeeeed it!

    Kind regards,


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