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tirsdag den 15. april 2014

Design Glassware by Mount Bleu, review of Mont Bleu glass files, tweezers, compact mirror and more

When I got the chance to review some products from Design Glassware by Mount Bleu I was happy to say yes: I for a long time have wanted to test their beautiful and famous glass files!

These lovely items arrived only a few days after I replied to the email. Two glass files, tweezers, ear rings and a compact mirror - all with beautiful Swarovski rhinestones - I have my whole long life had a soft spot for Swarovski....
Click on the photos to enlarge them!

This beautiful compact mirror will be found in my handbag. It has two mirrors: a normal and a magnifying mirror. It comes in a beautiful box, ready to wrap for a present if needed!
See more compact mirrors HERE!

Unfortunately I cannot wear ear rings - but just look how pretty they are... They will make a great gift!
Design Glassware by Mount Bleu have a lot of different kinds of beautiful jewelry with Swarovski rhinestones - see more HERE!
Personally I fell in love with THIS RING!

This pair of tweezers is hands down the best I ever had - I love the flat part at the tip, it secures a very good grip on whatever you are using them for. I tested it on hairs, it works wonderfully!
See more tweezers HERE!

Last - but not least - the Mont Bleu glass files - a mini for the makeup purse and a normal sized. They are made of Czech tempered glass, also known as crystal.
The files come in velvet pouches - AND with a life-long guarantee on the filing surfaces!
I tested them both, and I really like them a lot - and guess what, they are really affordable (comes in many different prices) and the shipping costs are love, whats not to love about that!?!
You can use both sides of the file, and the glass is pleasantly thin and hence light. The files work very well, files the nails down quickly and leaves you with a smooth and pleasantly rounded free edge.
REMEMBER to rinse your glass file regularly to remove the nail dust. I use running water and brush it lightly with a soft brush (for dishes).
Se all the glass files HERE!

I was very satisfied with the products - and can fully agree on the text from the front page...
"We offer you not only glass nail files, but also wide assortment of lighters, compact mirrors, various types of cosmetic tools, and jewelry. Anyone including those who are very picky will be satisfied with quality and prices we offer.
To gain and save trust of clients Mont Bleu always been using only high quality materials, time-proven production technologies combined with new tendencies

18 kommentarer:

  1. Wow I love those beautifull tools.

  2. I'm not a fan of rhinestones and other decorations on my tools, I'm really not, but if tools are good I guess I could forget about them.

    1. I can follow you on that, and you can get Mont Bleu files without rhinestones...
      But I do have a weakness for Swaroski, so i love them all :)

  3. You're right earrings look so pretty.
    I like files too :)

  4. Last month I was very lucky to receive some products from Mont Bleu for review. I love the high quality and design of tools... ♥

  5. These are too adorable! I love those files so much!!

    1. So do I - beauty and functionality combined!!!

  6. I love everything in this post. A friend of mine has a couple of files and said me they are amazing :)

    1. Aww, thanks *Ky* - I'm glad you found it useful, and your friend is right :)

  7. These are so fancy and beautiful!

  8. I love rhinestone decorations on my nail "tools", but only if they don't fall off :-) and as I have also a mini file Mont Bleu and I use it very, very often, I know that they don't fall off! :-) Also, this glass is fantastic and it works perfectly! :-)
    I have only mini nail file, but all the things that you got look beautiful and those Swarovski crystals colours are all "my" colours! :-)

    1. I'm glad you too like them, and LOL, those colors really are yours :)


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