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søndag den 2. oktober 2016

The Never Ending Haul Story part 63 - nail mail September

So how "bad was September..?

September 9
10 Major Dijit (Major Digit on the sleeves) plates from AliExpress!

September 10
Huuuge nail mail from HypnoticPolish -  5 stamping polishes, 19 polishes and 24 stamping plates <3
My first Lesly plates!

My first Emily de Molly plates

My first Creative Shop plates - they soon became a new top 3 favorite alongside UberChic and Moyra...

More of my favorite brand in plates: UberChic!!!

More of the wonderful stamping polishes from Dance Legend!

September 12
More of the wonderful Fab Ur Nails stamping plates and extras of the kolinsky clean up brush, that I love to bits <3 - and the sweet Johanne added an extra stamper and a discontinued plates as a gift - thank you sooo much!

September 15
 A super wonderful and huuuuge nail mail 16 polishes, 2 stamping polishes and 34 stamping plates brought by special delivery, thank you so much my friend <3
My first Kelli Negri (Esmaltes da Kelly) plates!

My first plates from Sugar Bubbles and Mundo de Unas!

My first Decor Unhas plates.

My first Color Club plates - already reviewed...

One more of the Bundle Monster clutches for 6 x 12 cm plates, liquid latex and two more plates...

My first DRK plates including my 3 first XXL plates...

6 more of the wonderful Moyra plates + an additional plate holder.

The Holo Hookup August box.

The G.N.O.M.E August box.

September 22
6 HK plates from AliExpress...

35 polishes + 7 stamping polishes + the shocking number of 77 stamping plates, so somewhat worse than August...

1.500+ indie polishes and 100+ indie brandsIndies & swatches

20 kommentarer:

  1. omg thats is many plates=) looking forward to swatches ,,i would really like to see your collection of nail polish=) you have so many fine varnish and these va no exceptions either =)♥

    1. It is - embarrassingly many LOL
      But I need them for reviews... Isn't that the perfect excuse ever :D

  2. You have been a bad girl ;) I really want to buy more plates too.

  3. Hehe, let me answer that first question for you. September was REALLY REALLY REALLY bad ;)

    1. Hahaha, thanks a lot, I had that feeling :D

  4. Wow indeed. You seriously need to grow some more fingernails! :D

  5. Nice haul! There are so many stamping plates! *-*

  6. Looks like a lot of fun stuff!

  7. I see - September was really bad! LOL ;-)


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