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onsdag den 5. oktober 2016

Born Pretty Store stamping plates BP101-110 review for Nur Besten

Today I have a new review for Nur Besten for you – it’s a 10 piece set of Born Pretty Store stamping plates: BP101-110 
The product number/name is #33796 - 10 Sheets/set BORN PRETTY 5.5cm Round Nail Art Stamp TemplateManicure Image Plate BP101-110.

The plates were kindly sent for my honest review!

The plates are 5.5 cm in diameter and come with a cardboard sleeve and a blue protective film.
Sometimes the blue film seems almost glued to the plates, I have had this happen to me in other brands too, recently with a Moyra plate.
It is very difficult to loosen the film, so I used brute force clawing away with a poor nail and meanwhile is used a few not so nice words :D 
I cleaned up the plates with denatured alcohol to remove the sticky residue, acetone also works, but not as well I felt.
Afterwards I have learned that apparently soaking plates like this in hot water or using a blow dryer to warm them up should be helpful before removing the blue film.

The plates have smooth edges and a foil on the back with the Born Pretty Store logo.

Lets meet the 10 plates  - if you want larger photos, just click on them to enlarge them:
Cute cats, birds and flowers...

Gorgeous mandala-like floral lace patterns...

Beautiful butterflies and floral lace...


 Abstract patterns - and some pretty cool abstract floral...
The base is Glam Polish Magica de Spell stamped with Dance Legend 11 Pink, plate Born Pretty Store BP-110, stamper Fab Ur Nails Jumbo Stamper.
Final conclusion:
I love the variety of beautiful patterns in this set!
Normally I'm happy about the etching in the Born Pretty Store plates, and I still am. I do however feel that some of the patterns in this set weren't as crisp as they could have been - but in retrospect I blame it on the sticky residue...
Even if I removed it, there still might be some left in some of the patterns, so what I need to do is to soak them in hot water and wipe them with denatured alcohol while still warm - maybe even give them a good scrub with a nail brush.

So please do not let the sticky blue film hold you back - your plates might not have it, fortunately is doesn't happen very often...

Nur Besten has a lot of fun and beautiful products for your nails, go and have a look!

Happy shopping - and remember to use my code GERL10 to get 10% when you shop!

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18 kommentarer:

  1. What pretty manis you did with them! The white one is my favourite, you know I have a soft spot for white on nails.

    1. Thank you so much - and yes, I have a soft spot for white and blue manis ;)

  2. They'redan look very nice I will definitely consider them!

    1. BPS are inexpensive and good quality, so that's a good idea!

  3. I got these stamping plates from Born Pretty Store and I like them very much, particularly those with floral patterns :-) Also I experienced some problems with taking off the protective layer and sticky residue, but not as much as I see on your photos.. Fortunately, a little bit of cleaning and everything works perfectly :-)

    1. I also saw a YouTuber having the same problems, and just as sticky as mine.
      It is however super annoying when it happens...

  4. Ohhhhh... I want these too!!

  5. I haven't encountered film that was sticking onto the plates like these you showed here. And I must admit that I think it's a little bit too much work if I have to wash, scrub, blow dry and rinse the plates before I even use them, hahaha! :D

    1. I agree, and if it always was like that with a certain brand, I would stop buying it. Fortunately that's not the case!

  6. These are pretty. Very pretty.

  7. I like Born Pretty plates, I have a few and mine were good. BTW I've never experienced that "glued film" thing :O

    1. Yes, most of them definitely are high quality!


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