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tirsdag den 25. oktober 2016

Curali stamping plates review

Curali is an indie brand located in Spain – and I love their sweet, beautiful and unique patterns.

The plates come with a blue plastic film and a very neat and cute card board sleeves with stamping instructions on the back. They have a plastic backing (some with wider backing that do not fit in most plate holders).

The plate size:  6 x 12 cm.
The pattern size many are full pattern plates, on the rest the patterns are 1.9 x 1.5 cm.
The price is 6.95 Euro each.
The etching is medium to shallow in the patterns with thin lines.
Where to buy: from Curali – see distributors list HERE. 

Let's meet the plates I bought:
Birds, floral, abstract, swirls and gemoetric patterns all in one plate...
The base is Mary Kay Lemon Parfait stamped with Jolifin Night Black, plate Curali 001, stamper Fab Ur Nails Jumbo Stamper.

Floral and geometric patterns.
The base is Lacquester Is That Lipstick On Your Collar? stamped with Hit The Bottle Snowed In, plate Curali 002, stamper MoYou London XL Marshmallow Sticky. 

A geometric mix.

Sweet and romantic...
The base is Celestial Cosmetics Sesir Kipi stamped with Jolifin Pastell-blau, plate Curali 006, stamper Fab Ur Nails Jumbo Stamper.

Tropical/nautical patterns.
The base is YSL Bleu Majorelle stamped with Dance Legend 3 White, Messy Mansion Soft Gold and the green Hit The Bottle Absinthe Minded, plate Curali 010, stamper Fab Ur Nails Jumbo Stamper.

Winter and Christmas patterns.

A beautiful mix of patterns...
The base is Emily de Molly Revival stamped with Messy Mansion Sterling, plate Curali 012, stamper MoYou London XL Marshmallow Sticky. 

Christmas inspired - I think of all the plates this one is my favorite!
The base is Chanel Gris Obscur 538 stamped with Messy Mansion Sterling, plate Curali 013, stamper Fab Ur Nails Jumbo Stamper.

So, what do I think?
Pros: I love the many unique patterns so much. So many of them are not seen similar in plates from other brands.

Cons: It might just be me, but I have a problem with parts of the patterns not being completely filled, in most cases I really only notice it in the close up photos. But the plates do need a light-handed scraping, and I actually think a thin/flexible scraper will work best.
I would have preferred them all to have the same small size plastic backing, it makes storing in plate holders easier.

Would I like to buy more? I wouldn’t mind!

Final conclusion: All in all I like these plates a lot. 
Give them a try, test them with a light scrape and different scrapers and stampers - and if you already own any of them, please tell me what you think of them :)

I hope you enjoyed this NON SPONSORED review.

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16 kommentarer:

  1. I like all the manis. I haven't got stamping plates by this brand.

  2. These are lovely plates and manicures!

  3. There are some nice patterns here. That first plate and your mani are my favourites of this lot.

  4. My favourites are 002 with floral patterns and 013 Christmas inspired plate :-) I love your black & silver manicure and I'm looking forward to some Christmas and winter manicures :-)

    1. Thank you so much - both plates are beautiful!

  5. They look really nice, especially the christmasplate!

  6. Another brand to avoid... but the images look so pretty! So I'm going to put them on my birthday list anyway :)

  7. Ahhh..this is the only place where I come to know about existence of so many different brands and lovely stamping plates with detail review! You are doing great job Maria!

    1. Awww, I'm so happy you think so - thank you so much!


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