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fredag den 14. oktober 2016

Born Pretty Store 春の歌 01-10 stamping plates review for Nur Besten

Today I have a new review for Nur Besten for you – it’s a 10 piece set of Born Pretty Store stamping plates春の歌 01-10, the plates were sent for my honest review.
The product number/name is #30870 - and here is a direct link: 10 Sheets/set BORN PRETTY 5.5cm Runde Nagelkunst Stempel Schablone Stamping 春の歌 01-10.

This set of 10 5.5 cm stamping plates (the plates are also sold individually) come with a blue protective fil and foil on the back. The edges are smooth.

They come in cardboard sleeves with the “Harunouta” name – it is the Born Pretty Store Japanese store front.

Let's meet them:
Gorgeous peacock and peacock feathers and gem stones...

A beautiful lace umbrella and a dream catcher.

Flowers - many flowers!

More flowers...
The base is Cupcake Polish Lei Me Down stamped with Daschica Apricot, plate Born Pretty Store 春の歌-07, stamper Fab Ur Nails Jumbo Stamper.

A great selection of fabric patterns...
The base is Chanel Calypso 88 stamped with Hit The Bottle Absinthe Minded, plate Born Pretty Store 春の歌-09, stamper Fab Ur Nails Jumbo Stamper. Unfortunately I did a lousy job placing the patterns straight – but you still see how crisp and fine the patterns stamp, right :D

So, what do I think?
That's a simple question to answer, because I love them and the beautiful patterns.
The etching is perfect, it's easy to pick up crisp and clean patterns, and a newbie stamper will also find them easy to use!

But what do you think of this set of plates?
I also have the 春の歌-11-20 plates to show you, I’ll try to have the post ready for next week!

The product number/name is #30870 - and here is a direct link: 10 Sheets/set BORN PRETTY 5.5cm Runde Nagelkunst Stempel Schablone Stamping 春の歌 01-10.

Remember to use my code GERL10 - if you want a 10% discount, when you shop!

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18 kommentarer:

  1. I have this dreamcatcher one, it's on my blog today. These plates are great indeed!

    1. Indeed they are!
      I loved that mani of yours!

  2. these plates look really beautiful out with the different pattern=)

  3. I really like the plate with the peacock! :)

  4. They look wonderful especially the peacock!

  5. Those fabric images look great.

  6. I like all of them, especially floral stamping plates :-)

  7. Those are lovely plates and like Raggio di luna, my favourite are those floral plates! :-)

  8. *sees gorgeous rose on stamper, desperate clicks to closes browser window to prevent more entries on wishlist... too late ;)


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