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onsdag den 11. februar 2015

Polish Me Silly Vino swatches + comparisons

Polish Me Silly Vino is a shimmery multichrome primarily shifting between blue and purple, but I also see brief flashes of other colors. You see it in 2 rich coats, 3 slightly thinner coats probably would be better. The top coat is Seche Vite.

In the bottles Polish Me Silly Vino looks a lot like Liquid Sky Lacquer Bird Of Paradise, shown HERE, and here are a few of the comparison that I also showed swatches of Bird Of Paradise, so if you want more follow this link. As you can see Vino has a darker and more blue toned purple, it’s sheerer and the shift isn’t as strong or complex as in Bird Of Paradise. 
So - let me hear what you think?
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28 kommentarer:

  1. Bird of Paradise is great; this one is nice too. I think I prefer BoP.

  2. It's beautiful, but I definitely think BoP is more impressive.

  3. It's very pretty and I like it a lot. I also like BOP too - both are lovely :-D

  4. I think they are both really pretty!

  5. They are both gorgeous, but for whichever reason I prefer vino ;o).

    Kind regards,

  6. The blue shimmer is really nice!

  7. It's gorgeous, I like it! :)

  8. I do prefer Vino (I see it as "lighter" - contrary of heavy, not of dark) and I would wear it much more comfortably since I'm not too comfortable with every kind of duochrome :)
    BTW, I can't understand the name ("vino", in Italian, is "wine", as you probably know) :O

    1. It's fun - for me the feeling is quite the same - but entirely opposite ;)
      No, I also wondered about the name, a bit strange...

  9. I own BoP and I'm fully happy with it. This one is a bit different and still gorgeous, but if I had to choose between the two I'd go for BoP!

  10. i'll take vino, you can keep the other, they look really close ;)


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