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lørdag den 7. marts 2015

Chanel 2008 collections

These are the new shades released in 2008 - not showing repromotions.
Click on the names of the polishes to see swatches:

Aurora Blues Accent coll. spring 2008White Satin 459,  Blue Satin 461Rose Satin 463, and Azur 465.
The Color Story Coll. summer 2008Antilope 187 and Flamingo 197.

Gold Rush coll. fall 2008Kaleidoscope 479Fantastic 481 and Gold Fiction.

Robertson Boulevard coll. 2008Melrose 267Rodeo Drive 277L.A. Sunrise 287 and L.A. Sunset 297 – store opening.

Paris Moscou coll. fall 2008: Or de Russie 327, Feu de Russie 347 and Nuit de Russie 357.

Holiday 2008: Haut Chocolat 247 and Perle Rosée 257.

Other 2008 polishes - do you have additional info?Cassis 339, Cherry 441 Rose Tourbillion 139 (Asia exclusive spring), Rose Gloss 445 and Sun Gloss 443.

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24 kommentarer:

  1. 339 Cassis was my all time favourite "jelly" or crelly during so long! would you believe I used up a WHOLE bottle and got a second one? I guess this was in the permanent line for a while then disappeared.

    1. WOW - but I understand you, it IS gorgeous!

  2. Soo many beautiful colours! I'm sad to say I don't own one chanel :( really must change that!

  3. My favourites here are Rodeo Drive, Melrose, Blue Satin and Nuit de Russie :-)

  4. Some good ones here. The only one I have from here is Blue Satin :-)

  5. I have 5 polishes from that year but only Cherry and Cassis are my favorites:)

  6. wow, i own a stunning 0!!! i envy you on the little russians

  7. "Fantastic" is a great name for a pretty polish :)

  8. blue satin and whole paris moscou collection :D

  9. Nuit de russie is amazing, I am staggered by it :) and i cry out a "oooh" full of love when I see this kind of post :)


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