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tirsdag den 24. november 2015

Glam Polish Doomsday, Darkly Dreaming coll. swatches

Glam Polish Doomsday is from the Darkly Dreaming collection fall 2015 inspired by Dexter. The collection has 9 polishes, all dark, scattered holo shades with ultra holo glitter and shimmering glass flecks. It is a gorgeous blue-toned purple with a night sky feeling to it.
This is another of my many favorites from the Darkly Dreaming collection. Do you like it?

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30 kommentarer:

  1. It definitely looks like a night sky.
    I'm still not sure about these sparkly holos. Yesterday's polish was gorgeous, this one is a bit too sparkly for me. Oh well, at least my bank account will be happy :)

    1. On behalf of your bank account I'm happy, but I do think you would love it in person!

    2. Oohhh... in that case maybe I should take a closer look :)
      *wallet glares at Maria, muttering words that should not be repeated*

    3. Oh - take that wallet away from me, it will kill me :D

  2. Yeah, this one I have. :) What I need is the rest. ^^

    Love Lotte

  3. I like this Glam, its great :-)

    I made Hunger Games nailart at my blog.

    Have a lovely day :-)

  4. So far I like all of them. :D

  5. I love purple holo nail polishes, this one is also great :)

  6. Aaaaamazing <3 Really gorgeous purple shade!

  7. Wow, that is a pretty amazing bottle :D


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