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torsdag den 12. november 2015

Madam Glam Blue Is The One and I Love Winter swatches

This morning I nave the two next/last of the 4 polishes Madam Glam sent for me to review - see part one HERE.
They have make up and nail polish in their range. Their polishes are 5-free, cruelty free and vegan.

Blue Is The One:
Madam Glam Blue is the One is a stunning dark blue with a lot of cobalt shimmer/micro flakies that sparkles nicely when you move your fingers. It’s one of the most beautiful dark blue non-holos that I own, I think. It was very opaque in one coat, but this is two with a coat of Seche Vite!

I Love Winter:
Madam Glam I Love Winter is a maroon glitter with micro glitters/looks like flakies in golden, magenta and maroon. It is a super opaque one-coater and it dries semi matte and slightly textured, but I think a top coat brings it to life, so I added my trusted Seche Vite!
I don't love winter - but I do love I Love Winter - but for me Blue Is The one :D
What do you think?

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26 kommentarer:

  1. I love how in the dark blue base the flakes pop up, but I like both of this polishes!

  2. Blue Is The One that stole my heart! How predictable I am! :-)

  3. I Love Winter looks amazing! Such an interesting combination of colors. :-)

  4. Muito, muito lindos!!
    O azul tá perfeito!!!

    Bjim ...
    blog Usei Hoje

  5. Both beauties! But that second one is quite unique I think!

  6. Blue Is The One is definitely The One. :D
    Striking polish.

  7. The bottles remind me of s-he-polishes that I think you can buy in Germany :)

  8. Hi dear Maria! What a curious bottle have these nail polishes! Btw both are super pretty, at the moment I would wear the second, but even the first one is such a deep blue dream *__*

  9. i love the second one, really awesome

  10. Wow...they both are sooo soo awesome... :-)

  11. These two really are stunning :-D <3

  12. i can't choose, i'd take both ;)


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