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mandag den 16. november 2015

Mont Bleu Aurora Boreale crystal jewelry - holographic effect!

Did you ever dream of having holographic jewlery?
Do you love Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, and Southern Lights, Aurora Australis?
I did - and I do!!
So I was thrilled when I found out, that DesignGlassware by Mont Bleu have jewelry with Aurora Boreale crystals, and even more so, when they wanted me to review a set <3

I got a bracelet and a ring - direct links to the bracelet and the ring!
You also can get rings with one crystal, ear rings, Shamballa bracelets, pendant necklace, keyrings and more...

They come in gift boxes with a certificate of authencity!
The crystal size in both the bracelet and the ring is 14mm/0.55 inches.
The metal is covered with hypo-allergenic metal rhodium, which does not cause an allergic reaction and do not contain zinc or any other harmful metals.

The crystals are HIGHLY distracting, sometimes they just looks like silvery crystal, but if you move them just a tiny bit, new colors flare....
And in the sun even the most amazing holographic nail polish fails miserably in effect compared with the Aurora Boreale crystal....
And look into one of them and see the incredible depth - it is like falling into a sparkling sea of diamonds...

Look at that reflection...

Sorry about the photo overload - but I LOVE this set SO much!!
What do you think..?

DesignGlassware by Mont Bleu sponsors a 50 Euro gift card for my giveaway that ends in two days, so if you are the lucky winner this set can be yours - but there are SO much more to choose from, among other things their absolutely wonderful nail files!

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  1. Wohhhhh! Fingers I really want to win a giveaway..... ;-)

  2. Amazing crystals and jewelry! :-)

  3. Amazing! I've never seen anything like this. I hope Santa will buy it for me! :-)

  4. wow, this is seriously gorgeous <3


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