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søndag den 1. november 2015

The Never Ending Haul Story part 53 - nail mail October

I must admit it: I'm NOT good at NOT buying polish :(
Here are the October arrivals...

October 6th
The two missing polishes from Les Automnales collection...
- another buy for next summers pastel yellow Fridays - not reeeealy pastel yellow tho...

October 7th
Beautiful swatch polishes from Celestial Cosmetics!

October 9th
Some really, really old Chanel polishes...

And it's true: I NEVER go down on Seche Vite (nor nail polish remover) :D
Fresh supplies from Nail The Mail!

October 10th
Epic nail mail from Hypnotic Polish! Click on the photos to enlarge it/read the bottom labels...
- and a closer look...

October 15th
Nail mail from the sale at EdgyPolish!

October 23rd
- brought me one huuuuge and one small nail mail...
 With special delivery - thank you so much my friend!!

Nail mail from Darling Diva - one of them is not the one I ordered...

Let's have a closer look at all of the October 23rd polishes:
This is the 8 polishes from the October 2015 Beauty Quartet Box + 4 – Halloween edition: Trick or Treat, a limited edition with only 50 boxes.

Two older Chanels missing from my collection.

My first ever Nine Zero Lacquer polishes - one was missing, but is being sent to me :)

Glam Polish Glam Batches + 1 Over The Rainbows Flakies...

Enchanted Polishes from a pre-order

Four stunning Superchic Lacquers - one coat holos!

Som random Emily de Molly and a Lilypad Lacquer from Color4nails.

Two Fair Maiden and two Pawlish!

Three Bear Palish!

Five Cupcake Polish - including one Color4nails store exclusive!

And the Darling Diva - the third is the one that was sent instead of the one I did order, but I was refunded - including shipping, so that's OK :)

October 30th:
Two new polishes from Moo Moo Signatures :)

That was all the nail mail from October - not exactly a modest month...

- yesterday October 31th another huuuge nail mail from Hypnotic Polish arrived.
But I didn't have the time to take photos, so they will appear in The Never Ending Haul Story part 54 - nail mail November.
13 Glam Polish, 3 Colors by Llarowe, 2 Il Etait un Vernis and 1 A England - a total of 19....

So the never ending question and deep concern still is unsolved:
Will The Never Ending Haul Story continue?
Will Maria actually buy more polish?? Does she ever get enough - HAS she gotten enough???
Are you confused - you won't be after the next episode, IF there is going to be one....
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33 kommentarer:

  1. Ok, now I don't have to feel so bad about my haul post I'm about to post this week ;)

    1. Hahaha - I wish I could find someone making me feel like that :D

  2. Oh wow how many beauties here! Can't wait to see all of them swatched! Kisses =)

  3. My jaw just dropped to the floor. And it won't come back.

    1. *running to get gaffa tape and other stuff* LOL I'm so sorry to hear it :D

  4. Wow, epic nail mail from Hypnotic and several others. It all looks so great.

  5. Soooo awesome! :) I always love to look at these nailmails. :D

    Love Lotte

  6. Enchanted Polish - these caught my attention the most, candies ;)

  7. Ohhh... lucky you!! Can't I just move to the house next to yours and come over for coffee and manicures? :)

    1. Of course - or better still, build a house here - we have enough room :D

  8. Hahaha, it just doesn't stop, does it! :D

  9. Wooooow! Huge Haul and sooooo many beauties <3

  10. "I must admit it: I'm NOT good at NOT buying polish :(" Eh my problem too.... I just cannot help myself :-| Lol ;-)

    Great haul once again Maria, these post really make my eyes pop and put a smile on my face :-D I keep wonder if I should do 'haul' posts on my blogs??? I might just scare me and the husband hahaha!!!!

    1. Fortunately my husband does not follow my blog - it's enough that these posts scare me...
      They are kind of a reality check :D
      I would love to see haul posts on your blogs...

    2. Mine checks mine occasionally! Moaning about typos and spelling errors lol ;-)

      Ahh yeah that's a good point, perhaps I need the reality check too. I'll maybe try it out then for this month and see how it goes :-)

  11. Such a huge haul.....As always I am loving it! Happy polishing and waiting for the swatches! and yes, Can't wait to see that huge nail mail you mentioned at last...hahha.. :-)

  12. Me neither!!! Your are going to hell only for those chanel polishes! It´s a sin to have soooo many gorgeous shades! hahaha !! Gorgeous neverending haul!

    1. Hahahaha - I'm happy I'm not alone :D
      Thank you so much!

  13. ILNP, Enchanted Polish, Bear Pawlish.. :-) And that delicate pinky Chanel too :-)

    1. Yes, there are some really pretty ones LOL

  14. O! M! G! i can survive my no-buy months just looking at yours ;)
    i'm so glad you're not good in no buy :*

    1. Awww - I'm happy to go bankrupt if I can make you happy :D


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