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onsdag den 11. november 2015

Madam Glam Drink With Me and No Strings Attached swatches

When Madam Glam contacted me to hear, if I wanted to review four of their polishes, I was happy to say yes. It’s always exciting to try brands that you not know in advance.
They have make up and nail polish in their range. Their polishes are 5-free, cruelty free and vegan.
So today I have the two first of them, they have a nice formula and dry time and they were almost opaque in one coat. But they are shown in two with a coat of Seche Vite.

Drink With Me:
Madam Glam Drink With Me is a beautiful dark plum purple with a subtle shimmer.

No Strings Attached:
Madam Glam No Strings Attached is a gorgeous metallic magenta pink beauty with an inner glow, I love this one!!
I love both of them, but if you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that No Strings Attached stole my heart ;)
What do you think of them - and do you know this brand?
Tomorrow I'll show you Blue Is The One and I Love Winter!

Madam Glam

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24 kommentarer:

  1. Os vidrinhos já são umas gracinhas...
    Amei, as duas cores.

    Bjim ...
    blog Usei Hoje

  2. i would definitely drink with you <3

  3. Wow, that purple is gorgeous.

  4. I have never even heard about Madam Glam before, but it's a cool name for a polish :)

  5. These are both gorgeous! I like the bottle too interesting shape hehe :-D

    1. It has - it looks like a bottle reflecting itself on a glass shelf!

  6. They are both so so gorgeous!

    1. I was sure you would prefer No Strings Attached ;)

  7. I like Drink With Me very much, it is so rich and deep! :-)

  8. OMG!
    I'm in love.. terrific ! <3
    Blog | Facebook

  9. Drink with me is such tempting colour!

  10. So velvety shades! Have no choice. Just love them. :-)


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