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mandag den 23. december 2013

Chanel Trapeze 367, Golden Cage Holiday 2009 coll. - swatches

The Mondays before Christmas I have shown you some Chanel Holiday nail polishes. 
Chanel Trapeze 367 – is from the Golden Cage coll. Holiday 2009.
Trapeze is a bronze-sand with subtle beautiful shimmer and it isn’t too prone to brush strokes. It's not a color I normally would buy, but as you know my mission is to show as many Chanel polishes as possible.
This is 2 easy coats without a top coat. The dry time is good.
Mandagene før jul vil jeg vise nogle Chanel jule lakker. 
Jeg har allerede vist: 2013/Rouge Rubis 6772006/Eclair 2272012/Malice 637, 2010/Pulsion 547 and 2011/Rouge Carat 587.
Chanel Trapeze 367 – er fra Golden Cage kollektionen julen 2009.
Trapeze er en bronze-sand med et let men meget smukt shimmer, og penselstrøg er ikke noget problem, hvis man passer lidt på. Det er nok ikke en farve jeg normalt ville købe, men som du ved er min mission at vise flest mulige Chanel lakker.
Du ser her 2 letlagte lag uden toplak, og tørretiden er god.
Do you like Trapeze...?
Which of the 5 is your favorite?
Kan du li' Trapeze...?
Hvilken af de 5 er din favorit?

18 kommentarer:

  1. In case your husband said something about this polish - for sure he's right *lol*.

    Kind regards,

  2. This polish doesn't scream Holiday Season to me, but that's probably just me, LOL! It's not my colour, but it seems that Chanel "can" something with shimmer :)

    1. That was my first thought too, it doesn't make me think of Christmas at all either.
      And yes, they sure are good at those shimmers!

  3. This is very pretty, not a typical colour I would buy either, because I know I wouldn't wear it enough.x

    1. Neither will I, but I like to have it in my collection :)

  4. Such a unique colour and so hard to pull out. It looks fantastic on you :)

  5. i really like this one even more so than that one you shown recently Rose Moiré, better on the brush stroke department. and the shimmers are so pretty.

    1. LOL, you have to start looking, if you can find it on Ebay LOL

  6. I loved those Monday reds :)
    But this champagne is superb, look at that shimmer! So gorgeous

    1. I'm happy to hear that you liked them all :)


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