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lørdag den 28. december 2013

China Glaze® Introduces Crinkled Chrome Collection official press release

China Glaze® Introduces Crinkled Chrome Collection

Los Angeles (December 2013): Winter is a time of shimmer and shine.  Frost glistens on windows, lights twinkle in the night and decorations adorn doorways. This January, give your nails a shine all their own with Crinkled Chrome from China Glaze®.  High-shine chrome meets wintery pastels in this crinkled metal look.

Chrome takes on a feminine flair with China Glaze® Crinkled Chrome.  Six gorgeous colours retain the sophisticated, polished appeal of the season, but add a contemporary edge and sense of novelty to winter nails.
Create an impact in one of six pastel colours:
 Aluminate – cool silver
·         I’m A Chromantic – baby pink
·         Crush, Crush Baby – powder purple
·         Iron Out The Details – icy blue
·         Don’t Be Foiled – soft teal
·         Wrinkling The Sheets – light powder green

China Glaze® Crinkled Chrome will be available in January 2014 at fine salons and beauty supply stores.
China Glaze® is free of DBP, toluene, and added formaldehyde.
China Glaze® nail lacquers are available through salons and professional beauty supply stores nationwide. For more information, please visit or follow China Glaze on Facebook (@ChinaGlaze), Twitter (@ChinaGlazeOfficial) and Pinterest (
China Glaze® is a division of American International Industries.

12 kommentarer:

  1. I'm excited to see swatches of these!

  2. I decided these are not for me, after I had seen the first swatches. Looks like measels on the nails.

    Kind regards,

    1. LOL I'm not sure my nails wants measles, but I look forward to seeing swatches!

  3. At first I was excited, but after seeing the swatches I'm not sure... I once tried to gold leaf my nails and these polishes have a similar look. Not sure I'm a fan.

    1. Well, I have to see more myself, but since I'm generally not into textured polishes, I'm probably also not into these...

  4. I'm curious about this finish/effect, so much! I hope it will be the same as textured: I didn't like them in photos but then I've fallen in love in real life :)

  5. i want to see more swatches of these. But im not sure they are going to be my cup of tea lol


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