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lørdag den 14. december 2013

Darling Diva BJ swatches

Darling Diva BJ is a pretty subtle pink holographic polish with tiny glitters.
The dry time is good, the formula is flawless and the application is easy.

I bought it from Norway Nails a long time ago, and if you use the code MARIA10 you get a 10% discount.
Jeg købte den hos Norway Nails for længe siden, og hvis du bruger koden MARIA10 får du 10% rabat.

25 kommentarer:

  1. Yes, that IS a lovely pink indeed! I like it a lot :)

  2. That is a beautiful pink, looks so good on you!

  3. This color screams my name. So gorgeous.

    1. *shhh* - yes, I hear it too, darn, now it's jumping out of the drawer :D

  4. pretty pink! and holo! geez

  5. Lovely glow. So soft and gentle.

  6. This is a very cute nail polish. I like it

  7. In the bottle it looks a little bit sheer, but on your nails it is really soft and lovely! :-)


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