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søndag den 20. marts 2016

Liquid Palisade by Kiesque review and nail art

I was thrilled when I was approached by Kiesque. They asked if I wanted to test their Liquid Palisade, and I happily accepted.
I'm showing the traditional use - and how to use it in nail art.

This what I received:

Liquid Palisade comes in two versions one with a thick brush with the description: "Liquid Palisade - Easy Peel Polish Barrier is likened to painter's tape for your nails. The thick brush tip is designed for easier product coverage on your cuticles and around your nail. Protect before you polish for a mess-free-manicure or pedicure."

Or a thin brush with the description: "Liquid Palisade French, is likened to painter's tape for your nails. The fine brush tip is designed for accuracy and precision when creating a French tip manicure or custom DIY nail art designs. Apply before you polish and simply peel away for a salon-perfect effect."
See the really good instruction videos right HERE

Lets first have a look at the thick brush...
Liquid Palisade is easy to use, and I like how quickly it dries and that the scent is subtle and nice.
I let the polish flood the cuticles when I applied the first coat to obtain a messy result...
- and really bad on the index...
The finished result after I removed the Liquid Palisade.

Liquid Palisade French Manicure has a striper like brush, as I showed you on the brush comparison photo. As French Manicures do not look good on me, I decided to try to use it to create random freehand stripe patterns. 
Over my base coat I added a coat of the well pigmented Cupcake Polish Folies Bergere, see swatches HERE and let it dry completely. Starting on the skin I painted my random pattern and let Liquid Palisade dry completely. 
Then I added a coat of the perfect one-coater black Purrfect Pawlish Pitch Black, see swatches HERE, one nail at a time immediately removing the Liquid Palisade. 
My patterns gave me problems because I let some of them connect, and that gave me some difficulties when pulling of the Liquid Palisade – sometimes I had 4 strands pulling in each their direction.
But I used a black liner to correct the small mishaps that gave me,  because the tweezers dropped the Liquid Palisade back on the nail, no biggie tho – just something I definitely will do differently in the future.
I could have made the lines even more crisp, but I wanted to show an "as is" result.
Finally I top coated with Seche Vite, and I thought it was quite fun!
Conclusion: I have only tried one liquid latex product before (from a well known brand), but I hated the smell. Liquid Palisade has a very subtle and pleasant scent and I like how quickly it dries. I found it easy to use and I was very pleased with the result.

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14 kommentarer:

  1. I like the idea of use of latex for nail art, however I find this particular latex severely overpriced considering the amount of actual product you get.

    1. You have a point, but I son't mind paying a bit extra to have a product with a subtle and pleasant scent, I find the brushes rather genius ;)

  2. That's a life changing idea for nailart lovers! You reviewed it so beautifully Maria!

  3. Very useful product and you made such a detailed review that now I want it too :)

  4. I haven't tried any liquid latex products so far, mostly because I don't do nail art often, but it's always intriguing to see them working. I didn't know they also had a striper version!

  5. This is really a very useful product and it is interesting how you created that "laser" manicure! :-) I use "NYC Strip me off", it's perfect base when you want to use glitter polishes and helps getting it off your nails very easily... well, I use it to protect the skin around my nails when I create gradients :-)

    1. The Liquid Palisade is an entirely different kind of product, it's not a peel off base...

  6. I agree with Vedrana - the product looks cool but I also find the price way too high compared to other products. I like the idea of the thick and thin brush though :)

    1. The brushes are really cool - and so is the pleasant scent ;)

  7. I've used only one liquid latex product (a no-brand that I got at the theatre shop). It smells horrible but I couldn't imagine doing nail art without it. I sure hope to try Liquid Palisade some day but at the moment it's a bit too expensive with shipping and customs. For now I'll just don't smell my fingers while playing with polish ;)


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