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lørdag den 27. august 2016

Germaniküre crystal file review

I was contacted by Germaniküre, they wanted to send me a few crystal glass files to test, but by mistake only one was sent to me, so not so many photos ;)

Germaniküre is a family-owned German company which offers high quality manicure products.
Many of their products are available through the exclusive online retailer Zamberg located in USA.

My Germaniküre contact told me: “The files are the highest quality, and ethically made by adult craftsmen in the Czech Republic. All of our products are made to last a lifetime, with all cutting products made in Solingen, Germany under ethical, non-polluting conditions. We are very eco-conscious, from packaging to not having our products clog landfills. We are about to embark on an anti-child labor campaign, and will be sponsoring a nail-art contest among other things to bring awareness to the practice.
We also contribute a portion of sales to give back to families victimized by child labor in Pakistan and Vietnam.”
- so what’s not to like about that – right?

Back to the files…
The files are 3 mm thick and 14 cm long – and you can use both sides.
They are chemically hardened against breaking and etched with a very fine texture that won't "sand" your nails like so many cheap imitations can.
They come in a very nice soft yet really sturdy leather case.
You can file your nails either wet or dry and the file works like a charm and leaves my tips nice and smooth.
Unlike single direction files that “sand” the nail, a crystal glass nail file seals the edge of the nail with every stroke, regardless whether that stroke is backwards, forwards, or a combination of both. After filing with a crystal glass nail file and examined at many times magnification, a freshly filed nail edge is smooth and polished; a nail that is filed with a “sanded” nail file have microscopically frayed edges. 
To keep your crystal glass file clean and to remove the shavings, just rinse it under running water, use soap if you like.

You find the crystal glass files HERE – each file has a little imprinted phrase, I chose: ”One Stroke At A Time” – I felt that was very appropriate for a file ;)

They also have a nice range of other manicure products – click HERE

See more about the files on Youtube - click HERE!

As you might know I swear by crystal files - and this new file is a cherished member of my crystal file family!

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12 kommentarer:

  1. How is it compared to your Leighton Denny file?
    I'm still really happy with the files I won in your giveaway :)

    1. The DL broke when the shelf fell down, but as I remember it, it's very like this one and Mont Bleu by Design Glassware (that you won in the giveaway) and Aveniro - they are all superb quality!

  2. I've never used glass ones yet. I don't know why :D

    1. Oh, you should, but not just a glass one - a real crystal glass file...
      You will never go back to a traditional file...

  3. Svar
    1. I don't know the quality of that one - or if it is a crystal file like this one?

  4. Oh, these files are made by Blažek. Those are great quality. I like the quote you chose. I agree it is very appropriate for a file. :D

  5. I have never used glass files, so all I can say is it looks a promising product after reading your review! :-)

    1. Just make sure to get a crystal glass file - not just any cheap glass file...

  6. This looks like a really nice file. I've been using crystal files for over three years now and I carry them everywhere (in my purse, on my desk, on my night stand, in the kitchen, etc.). Nothing else is allowed to touch my nails ;)

    1. It really is - and yes, that wounds pretty much like me LOL


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