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søndag den 12. juli 2015

Moo Moo stories - part 1

Please excuse this whimsical post, the first of more to come, unless you protest :D
I'm just having fun while showing a lot of flowers, other stuff and telling short stories at the same time....
You even could view these posts together with your kid/s ;)

Those of you who follow me on Instagram already know my #moomoostoriesonmariasnailartandpolishblog - but the rest of you please welcome the newest members of our family:
Moo Moo Molly (the grey) and Moo Moo Sparkly (the purple), designed and created by the talented Mei Mei from Moo Moo's Signatures and even better known as polish paradise Mei Mei's Signatures!

They are custom made - I decided their colors :)

Day of arrival: Even if I knew they were tiny, it still came as a surprise that they are THIS tiny 
The are happy and have been munching flowers (the food of Moo Moos) in the garden and after a lot of whispering and giggling, they have fallen a sleep
For this photo I included a bottle of nail polish to illustrate just HOW tiny they are. They came with their birth certificates, grooming instructions, fun glitters - and of course they each have a ball to play with :D

And the rest are the photos in the order I posted them on Instagram, with the same text, one almost every day so far...
Yesterday my flower eating Moo Moos arrived from @moomoosignatures, and they were hungry after the long journey.
- Oh look Molly it's a yellow flower forest, said Sparkly (the purple Moo Moo). Molly started to go into the flowers and Sparkly got afraid: Oh please Molly, don't go into the wood, something dangerous might be in there...
And Molly is such a sweet and calm Moo Moo, so she stayed outside, and both were happy and munched on the miniature pansies.

I showed the Moo Moos one of our clematises - and they went all: OHHH the flowers here in Denmark are really, really big...
They had a really fun time playing in the flowers and surfing on the petals :D

The Moo Moos play hide and seek in this beautiful red hawthorn, rødtjørn in Danish. This is right before Molly (the grey) jumps out to scare Sparkly (the purple), they had great fun ;)

A handful of Moo Moos - but they are not a handful to deal with (except when the want to "help" when I swatch)  ;)

There are times, where we really feel small in the big picture - I guess that's what the Moo Moos felt standing on this leaf of a Common Butterbur, Hestehov(horse hoof) in Danish.

The bumblebee in the the chives flowers fascinated Molly and Sparkly :)

What a strange rhododendron this is - ohhh, now I see it, Sparkly and Molly it trying to hide ;)    

That's it for today, more to come in a week or so - unless you protest :D
I'm thinking Friday afternoon, Saturday or Sunday morning - what do you think..?

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20 kommentarer:

  1. My nieces are protesting... they don't want to wait for a week to see more of Molly and Sparkly :)
    (and no, I'm not telling them about Instagram... their parents would kill me if they had more places to look for things they want to have ;)

    1. LOL you gave me a good laugh :D
      I looks like the Moo Moo Stories will have to continue then, I would hate to disappoint your nieces <3
      Hahaha I am sure the parents would kill you if you addicted them to Instagram too, so better not ;)

  2. Red hawthorn! That's what's the species! I love how they look like and every year I take a few bunches of them home. Cute cows!

    1. It sure is - I also love them, but unfortunately they do not last long indoors!

  3. Oh they are so cute and I love the photos of them <3 Little gorgeous Moo Moos :-D

  4. Oh my God ! cuteness at it's best. I am confused on where to concentrate....on those cute little moo moos or those beautiful flowers. I feel like I am in a wonderland like Alice.lolll.. ;-) I just can't wait to see and hear next moo moo story. <3 <3 <3.

    1. Awww, thank you so much Nailfame, the Moo Moo's send their best regards :D
      Yes, it has that Alice in wonderland feel to it ;)

    2. Awwww.....lots of love to them...<3 Mwahhh! :-)

  5. :D they are so cute! I saw your photos on Instagram and they're lovely! Your garden is a paradise of flowers <3

  6. Aww,I'm so glad you like the little Moo Moo's :D

  7. omg, look at these cuties <3

  8. It's a wonderful idea and I love your stories. The flowers are so beautiful to look at!

    1. You are so sweet Julia, thank you so much <3

  9. Beautiful little pets and gorgeous flowers you have! :-)


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