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tirsdag den 21. juli 2015

Purrfect Pawlish Sweet Macarons, Summer Date Trio swatches

Purrfect Pawlish Sweet Macarons is part of the Summer Date Trio and the Maria of Purrfect Pawlish was inspired by three things that makes a romantic summer date perfect: Bubbly rose champagne, sweet macarons and a refreshing sorbet. The trio is released on July the 24th – worldwide delivery with a few exceptions.
Sweet Macarons is a bright and oh so gorgeous fuchsia/magenta pink with pink flakies and a subtle hint of holo. It is super opaque in one coat, dries very fast and is easy to work with flakies and shimmer. This is however two coats with a coat of Purrfect Pawlish Purrfect Top Coat.
Ohw, I love it - do you..?

The Summer Date Trio is released on the 24th at Purrfect Pawlish!!

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34 kommentarer:

  1. Fuchsia! I love fuchsias and this one looks fashionable :)

  2. such a bright and happy color, gotta love it :D

  3. What a hot looking color and that shimmer is stunning!

  4. Fascinante!
    Esse tá um espetáculo de lindo.

    blog Usei Hoje

  5. Soooo pretty, I really like it. :-)

  6. Wow, FUCHSIA! :) So bright, enough to make anyone feel happy!

  7. This is gorgeous. I really love this one Maria :-D

  8. This is gorgeou!!! i love that color and the glitter!Its perfect for summer=D

  9. Hi dear Maria!!! Those glitters are adorable, very nice nail polish =)

  10. Oh I like this shade on you. :-)

  11. Unusual but very cute colour! :-)


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