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tirsdag den 12. maj 2015

Colors by Llarowe Vivian + Edward, Pretty Woman coll. swatches

Colors by Llarowe Vivian + Edward is from the Pretty Woman collection. It’s a gorgeous magenta pink holo with a super strong effect, even strong outside the sun. All in all my kind of pink holo! This is two easy coats with a coat of Seche Vite.
Well, if you didn't get it the first time, I'll repeat it: I love it :D

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24 kommentarer:

  1. Great shade, I have to admit!

  2. Wonderful color and holo effect.

  3. I'm so happy that IRL it's more vibrant than in the bottle ;o)

    Kind regards,

  4. Looks like a good shade of Maria pink. :D

  5. That sure is a gorgeous polish!

  6. I can see why you love it! It's super amazing :-D

  7. Holy, DAG, this polish! I die.

    1. LOL - yes, it has that effect on me too :D


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